The Hunter is the third class in the class selection menu. He has low health and a low rate of fire but his sniper rifle is capable of killing most enemies in just 1 shot, regardless of the armor they wear. His character model is a white man wearing a brown shirt and brown trousers.

Hunter's secondary weapon is his pistol, which is also affected by his armor penetration trait. It can be used to finish off the enemies who survived your first shot (either because they were Spray N Pray and Mr Ops, or they just got a health pick-up) or even fellow Hunters, but it's not recommended to use that on full-health classes. Inexperienced Hunter players are recommended to avoid Spray N Pray or even Mr Ops players entirely and focus on the targets they can one-shot.

Weapon Stats
Weapon Name Sniper Rifle Pistol
Ammo Capacity 15 100
Damage per Shot 100 20
Crit Chance (%) 5 10
Damage per Second 100 100


  • This class had first appeared in the 2D top-down shooter, which was the first .io game Sidney made. In that game, he had a similar appearance, but possessed 50 health, while his pistol was limited to 5 ammo capacity, and the rifle to just 1. This is because Vertix doesn't have ammo pick-ups, and instead allows its players to reload indefinitely often.
    • Hunter is also present] in the second Vertix "sequel", the 3D FPS There, his rifle has 3 shots, and his pistol 10, and both possess infinite reloads. His health is still 60, but in Krunker, it regenerates by default.
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