The Spray N Pray is the fifth class in the class selection menu. He has the highest health value but also the least damage per shot in the game. It is also the only class in the game with no secondary weapon available to it.

This class is often considered hard to counter and you do not necessarily have to be good at the game to play decently with this class. While you have low DPS, you can always survive the first shot of your enemy, and retaliate. Your 200 ammo capacity also allows you to prefire often, and thus hit the players before they even notice you. Picking a Health Regen Passive Ability will further emphasize your greatest strength.

Weapon Stats
Weapon Name Minigun
Ammo Capacity 200
Damage per Shot 6
Crit Chance (%) 5
Damage per Second 75


  • This class had first appeared in the 2D top-down shooter, which was the first .io game Sidney made. There, he also had 200 HP, but held only 50 bullets in his minigun. This is because Vertix doesn't have ammo pick-ups, and instead allows its players to reload indefinitely often.
    • Spray N Pray is also present in the second Vertix "sequel", the 3D FPS In Krunker, he has 170 HP, and carries an LMG with a 100-bullet ammo belt, and which requires ADS in order to be used effectively. This is done to fit that game's more "realistic" appearance, as well to balance the class in line with the game's infinite reloads and regenerating health.
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