Vince is the second class in the class selection menu. His speciality is close range combat, where he can hit his targets with a full spread of the 3 pellets from his gun. Since even the full strength of the blast can only one-shot hunters, you'll still need multiple shots. However, the shotgun already has a good fire rate, but a Rapid Fire passive can increase it further. An alternative is to go for the More Crits passive and get increased damage this way, but it's riskier, even if it conserves ammo. On the other hand, the health regen passive will help you to deal with the damage you'll likely sustain while getting into the most effective range to attack with your weapon.

Vince also carries a Grenade Launcher, which is identical to the one used by Franklin and Triggerman: 5 ammo capacity and can inflict 110 damage with a direct hit, but the explosion's splash rapidly loses power, and the grenade itself is an unreliable weapon, due to how rapidly it bounces off of walls; a skilled player can carefully curve it around a corner and kill one or even multiple players. Someone less skilled or plain unlucky can easily end up with it bouncing backwards and killing only themselves. It is most useful at killing Hunters around corners before they get a chance to instantly snipe you, since you do not need a direct hit to kill them.

Weapon Stats
Weapon Name Shotgun Grenade Launcher
Ammo Capacity 30 5
Damage per Shot 35 (x3) 110
Crit Chance (%) 10 0
Damage per Second 77 (x3) 110

Strategy Edit

  • Stay in close quarters. The bullet spread means that it is harder to do full damage to players that are further away.
  • Overheal. You can be one-shotted by a Hunter so try to get a health pickup before facing one.


  • This class is named after Vince de Vries, who is the brother of the main developer, Sidney de Vries.
  • This class had first appeared in the 2D top-down shooter, which was the first .io game Sidney and Vince made. In Vertix, his shotgun fired a four-pellet spread, but could only do so 3 times before reloading, while his grenade launcher was limited to one shot before reloading. This is because Vertix doesn't have ammo pick-ups, and instead allows its players to reload indefinitely often.
    • Vince reappears in the second Vertix "sequel", the 3D FPS His appearance changes a little there, as he now wears a purple suit instead of a blue one (since the blue clothing was given to the Run N Gun class). He wields a double-barrelled shotgun with 2 slugs in it, and a pistol with 10 shots as his sidearm. At level 15, players can unlock the Deagle as an alternative sidearm, and an Alien Blaster at level 50.
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